Study Visa


Exam Coaching

At WWCMS we offer one-stop-solution for all your queries for education abroad. Right from counseling, filling in application for the examination and submission to providing proper training to make you excel and score high.As a result excellence in these exams acts as a deciding factor for a student's future. The scores in these exams also define the student's eligibility for visas and scholarships.

Career Counselling

Taking up a higher education program abroad is a big decision monetarily and emotionally for parents as well for the students. Whether you are a fresh 10 + 2 pass out, a fresh graduate with/out work experience, or a post graduate, WWCMS has successful options for all.

University Selection

WWCMS offers one-stop solutions to all your queries towards university selection. At WWCMS we help students get admissions into Universities that best suit their personal, academic, financial and other parameters.

Admission Guidance

The admission to a foreign university is a multifarious process that leads to a lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through.We thoroughly work on students' applications, elaborating on strengths and explanation of weaknesses. We also guide the student towards preparing a top quality Statement of Purpose SoP.

Finance Assistance

WWCMS readily assist the students in planning their finances and taking loan from banks and also assist students in making a plan for the financial arrangements.Money plays the most significant role in releasing your dreams for education. WWCMS,offers guidance to students for education loans. At WWCMS,we have knowledge about all the national banks providing loans at affordable rates and with various approved financial institutions and private banks offering loans. This is a part of our regular service to all our registered student clients.

Scholarship Guidance

Scholarships and Financial aid fee waivers awarded to international students are absolutely at the discretion of the Scholarship Commitee of the institutions. Candidate with strong academics,good performance on standardized exams and extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship awards and financial assistance.So a student aspiring to move to foreign land for higher education WWCMS is your ultimate destination to get the best advice about how to succeed in winning scholarships

Visa Assistance

Getting a successful student visa is not an easy task. At WWCMS,we give free visa guidance to all the candidates.Every country has a different process and procedure for visa filing. We at WWCMS,assist students with the adequate information based on country to country .WWCMS staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules and this helps us in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner.