Euro Education is the guide for international students aiming to study in Europe.

Over 900 universities, academies, schools and colleges in Europe are presented with useful information designed to help undergraduate students in choosing a wide variety of academic and professional courses in Arts, Business, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, MBA, Management Science, Technology, English and other languages.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify all international applicants must first meet the minimum requirements for entry into higher education in their own country, have a matriculation certificate or equivalent document; command of English (at least on an intermediate level) is also required.
  • IELTS is not Required
  • 7-8 Lacs Funds Required
  • a valid travel document (passport)


Studying in Singapore, no doubt, will act as a platform to a brighter future. Drive by excellence, institutions in Singapore offer a board- based curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualifications and training to succeed in a completive environment. Hence educational institutions offer the latest and best in educational tools and technologies.

Education in Singapore is managed by the ministry of Education (MOE), which controls the developments and administration of state school receiving government funding , but also has an advisory and supervisory role with respect of private schools. For both private and state schools , there are variations in the extent of autonomy in their curriculum , scope of government aid and funding , tution burden on the students, and admission policy.

They have various education programs like Diploma, Advanced Diploma, polytechnic, undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and lot more.

Documents Required

  • Valid passport
  • Filled application Form
  • Bona fide letter from the school/ College
  • IELTS Not required