Job Fairs And Seminars

We, at WWCMS, have grown a lot since our inception, and increased the services that can fulfill our mission to help aspirants find the perfect jobs. With the current shape of Indian economy, our services hold more importance than ever. Even an experience professional finds it difficult to find a job these days. With an aim to bring employers and candidates together, we conduct job fairs and seminars in different parts of the country from time to time. We believe that these events can be significantly helpful in your job search!

Benefits of attending a job fair or seminar

Job fairs and seminars give obvious opportunities to the candidates to create a network. These are events where many organizations and potential candidates gather under one roof. In other words, they serve as valuable one-stop shop to find jobs for the candidates, and the right employees for the companies. While attending a job fair or seminar, select the one that features a company or career of your interest. Ultimately, job fairs and seminars conducted by WWCMS serve as a great platform, where candidates can find the right jobs, and companies can find the right employees for their organization.

What happens at a job fair or seminar?

Candidates and companies come prepared to find the job or candidate of their choice. It is not a job interview, but pretty close. Candidates introduce themselves to the companies of their choice, and discuss their academic qualifications and career achievements. If both the company and the candidate are willing to work with each other, the interview may be done on the spot, or a meeting may be arranged at a later date.

WWCMS conducts several job fairs and seminars every year in different parts of India. These events can help the candidates in their career searches. Visit WWCMS site to find information about the upcoming job fairs and seminars.